Grape Network Partners with Socean Streams

  • Grape Network is using Socean Streams to purchase its own liquidity and run its unique membership model.
  • Buyers will be able to sell GRAPE-USDC LP tokens to the protocol and will receive a future stream of GRAPE.
  • This allows long-term buyers to purchase GRAPE at a discount, and allows Grape to own its own liquidity.

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Grape Network will be using Socean Streams to purchase their own liquidity and power their unique membership model. The Grape Community Treasury will be the first DAO to own its liquidity via Socean Streams!

Socean Streams allows protocols to sell bonded tokens, which unlock governance tokens over a period of time. In return, buyers get a discount on the tokens. We’ve worked closely with Grape to offer GRAPE token streams (bGRAPE) that can be bought using GRAPE-USDC LP tokens.

The first batch of bGRAPE bonded tokens will be available for sale very soon on Socean’s website. More details will be announced soon.

Prices shown in the screenshot above do not reflect actual prices.

Here’s what WhalesFriend, founding member of Grape Network, had to say:

“The Socean team has been deeply involved in launching a new chapter for DeFi on Solana! Their flexible approach, their ethos and their speed are unmatchable. I am looking forward to what we can build together. Let’s be the rising tide that lifts all Solana boats!”

We’re incredibly pleased to work with GRAPE as they are one of the most innovative projects on Solana, and the strongest tokenised community by far. Grape helped us to set up Socean’s NFT gate, and we’re delighted to work with them now and in the future. Our integration with Grape Network is just the tip of the spear for, and embodies our positive-sum value: protocols helping each other and building each other up.

LFG! ⏳

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